4 Reasons You Are Not Saving Enough Money – Why You Are Not Saving Money

4 Reasons You Are Not Saving Enough Money – Why You Are Not Saving Money

In this video, I share four reasons you are not saving enough money even though you make enough.

1. You don’t have a budget
Following a budget is a crucial component of saving money, yet most Americans don’t take this easy step. Only 41% of households maintain and stick to a budget, which means that most folks are missing out on a key opportunity to track their spending and identify ways to save.

2. You bought a home that’s too expensive
If your home is your greatest monthly expense, you’re not alone. Americans, on the whole, spend more money on housing than any other individual necessity, but if your housing costs exceed 30% of your take-home pay, it could explain why you’re struggling to save money.

3. You have a ton of debt
4. You think you’re immune to emergencies

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