About Plenteouz


Plenteouz originates from the word Plenteous. The idea of producing or yielding abundantly or Plentiful. Setting your mindset to create an abundance of the things that matter the most to you. Be it Money, Life, Career, Time, and Relationships. Just be Plenteouz!!

Our Mission

Help individuals improve their Financial Health and achieve Financial stability by providing real-life tips through YouTube videos, educational articles here on the Plenteouz site and speaking engagement.

Our Vision

We believe that your Financial Fitness is just as important as you Physical Fitness. We show you what it takes to become Financially Fit with new educational videos, interviews, audio and more with Financial experts and people who used to be in your situation.

Our Motivation

Motivated by the lack of Financial Education and experiential learning programs targeting immigrants,  Plenteouz was developed by Valentine Nde Sr.(Mr. V) to address the issue of Financial Literacy one person at the time.